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Turf and Pasture Grass Seeds

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Turf and Pasture Grasses

Because of the diversity of climates in California and the Southwest, we offer a broad range of products including cool and warm season grasses and specialty grasses.
Turf and Pasture products are the foundation of our company's heritage; they represent significant investment in product research, packaging and knowledge.
In this section, you will find individual varieties and mixtures that have been selected and formulated for specific uses based upon strict criteria.
"Stover Seed is an old established company that knows their business. I appreciate a family owned business. They have the best service for sure. Quality is always as they say it will be-I never question Stover quality. Everything that I order from them is retested, so quality issues would show up if there were any problem-and there never is a problem."
--Hydroseed Contractor

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Turfgrass Product
Data Sheets

Turfgrass Product Data Sheets - rye grass, planting grass

Hydroseed Specification Sheets

Hydroseed Specification Sheets - erosion control, poppy seeds, rare seeds
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