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wildflower seeds, heirloom seeds, flower seeds
wildflower seeds, heirloom seeds, flower seedsVersatility, color, wildlife. These are just a few of the reasons for the popularity of wildflowers today. No longer reserved for the professional market or for public uses along roadways, homeowners of all kinds have come to realize the beauty, joy and relative ease of growing wildflowers from seed.
Our wildflower seed mixtures have been carefully crafted to insure balance and diversity over the longest possible blooming period. Many of our mixtures were developed for California and the Southwest but we have mixtures that are adaptable to other climates. For those of you who like to put together your own mixture, we offer a large selection of individual species.
We are constantly adding new species and wildflower mixtures so we invite you to visit often. Please feel free to send along via e-mail any particular requests, questions or comments.
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